The orientation of leadership

A map is only good for known territory that has already been traveled

A leader today needs a compass for navigating the state of I-Don’t-Know-Ness.

For Leaders wanting broader outcomes, perspectives and clarity

Indiviual Coaching

We are the experts in helping you to get clear on what your goals are and how to achieve them. The coaching sessions are tailored to suit your needs and requirements

IDKN Mastermind

Mastermind are small groups that meet up on a regular basis to share and discuss their challenges, successes and strategies for their business.

IDKN Sandbox

The idea of a sandbox is very simple. Come and play!We structure our sandbox meetings thusly:Live on-line for about 50 minutes – come and join in.

When you’re in ‘I Don’t KnowNess’…

We’re Here to Help You Find Clarity…
and more.

IDKN® has so many facets to it, and what you’ll find will be appropriate to your situations. We found when we worked with IDKN® ourselves, new perspectives and clarity would invariably bubble to the surface. We found this clarity paved the ground work leading toward an ‘inner conviction’ which in turn leads to an ‘authentic confidence’.

Why Choose Us?

We are well-experienced business professionals working as business coaches and our goal is to create a tangible & measurable impact.

One-on-one / CEO Coaching
Practical Approach
Leadership Coaching
Passion & Commitment

IDKN has broad applications.... and implications.

I and my office had the pleasure of working with Geoff Hinsley & Kathleen Curran, Ph.D. through their model: I-Don’t-Know-Ness on issues of communication, productivity and managing burnout. Geoff and Kathleen provide a safe, creative, and warm environment for us to explore these topics and apply the model to real situations that we deal with on daily basis. With I-Don’t-Know-Ness we were not only able to view these challenges through a new lens, but we were able to start working our way out of the mud

I was fortunate to be connected to Geoff by GWC and he gave me a great insight in the IDKN model. Dealing with my own issues, I learned to be comfortable in the not knowing. Being in the mud, take a pause became fun and the positive effects on my mindset are a gift. In Dutch we have no distinction between the word reaction and response, so the model also gave me language to explain better. I was happy to join one of the first sandboxes with Kathleen and Geoff. Great experience and an invitation to practice more!

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Blog Posts

Our presentation at ICF Converge 2021 conference October 21

We’ve been honoured to present IDKN at this years International Coaching Federation conference. We discovered the span and power of IDKN tools and methodologies are too great to cover in a 45 minute presentation, so we concentrated on an overview and one particular tool, “The Power of the Pause”. You will know the IDKN approach

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What do I really want?

The uncertainty in that question reveals the root cause of every frustration: I don’t know!  And under that frustration is fear: fear of not finding IT, fear of change thus loss, fear of identity shift (if I change, will I still be me?), fear of making a wrong choice…and those are just a few I

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The Power of the Pause

The Power of the Pause Hal gregersen (@HalGregersen) recently tweeted:  “When leading on the edge of uncertainty, as we are in 2021, questions really are the answer. Why? Because preset answers don’t exist in a world of unknowns. In such times, our leadership work must converge on crafting new questions to create new answers”.  

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